Delta Tau Pewin32PRO Trial Suite

Delta Tau Pewin32PRO Trial Suite 4.0

Pewin32 Pro2 is Delta Tau PMAC Executive software for Microsoft 32-Bit Windows
4.0 (See all)
Delta Tau Data Systems, inc.

The Pewin32 Pro2 is Delta Tau’s PMAC Executive software for Microsoft 32-Bit Windows that enables the configuration, control and troubleshooting of a PMAC (Programmable Multi-Axis Controller). At its core, Pewin32 Pro2 provides a terminal, a text editor for editing Motion/PLC programs and a workspace environment. Additionally, there is a suite of tools used to configure and work with PMAC and its accessories. Pewin32 Pro2 is a development tool for creating and managing specific PMAC implementations.
- Multi-threading of Pewin32 Pro2 real-time display windows
- A thread-safe communication driver makes this version also compatible with the 32-bit version of NC for Windows software (and any application using the PMAC Driver)
- Pewin32 Pro2 provides basic tools to configure, control and diagnose PMACs. Here is a partial list of Pewin32 Pro2’s features and capabilities:
- Workspace management tools for customizing the interface to Pewin32 Pro2.
- Project management tools for organizing complex projects.
- A terminal window for sending commands directly to the PMAC.
- Position window for displaying the position, velocity and following error of all motors on the system.
Watch window for real-time system information and debugging.
- A real-time color editor with many options (including error tracking during downloads, color options for different commands and compatibility with standard C code).

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